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Server administration with an emphasis on security

Server hosting that protects your website


Cyber Security Consulting

We provide services such as Network Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Tests, Web Application and Mobile (Android/iOS) Security Assessments, Firewall Configuration Reviews, Security Incident Investigations and other customized security-related services.

Server Administration

Let our security-passionate experts guide your server administration - or handle it for you entirely. Avoid the security risk of poor or unfamiliar server setups.

Web Hosting
Managed by Security Professionals

Our web hosting uses firewall protection, managed with our same passion for security. Rest easy knowing that your website is safe, 24x7.

Our Work

About Us

Infosec Consult is comprised of security-passionate professionals. With years of experience in Information Security, we handle web hosting and security projects of any size. Our team members have performed projects for national telecom companies, government agencies, and financial institutions across four continents.

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